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Our expertise enables our clients to source a comprehensive range of yarns & merchandise. Product categories include all classifications of Ready to wear Apparel, Ladies wear, Men's wear, Infant's & Children's Apparel, Handicrafts & Yarns.

Glossary of Products are as follows:

  • 100% Cotton Ring Spun
  • 100% Compact Cotton
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 100% Viscose
  • 100% Viscose
  • 100% Viscose Vortex
  • 100% Cotton Mélange
  • Open end
  • Polyester / Cotton
  • Cotton / Viscose
  • Cotton / Acrylic
  • Cotton / Linen
  • Cotton / Wool
  • Cotton / Modal
  • Cotton / Tencel
  • 100% Linen
  • Tencel
  • PVA (Zero Twist)
  • Core Spun Elastane, Lycra, Spandex(Indigenous & imported)
  • Marinowool
  • Virginwool
  • Lambswool / Nylon
  • Acrowool(all blends)
  • Daffodill
  • All wool blends with various composition & Sourcing of all Types of Imported Yarns as per the requirement of the customers
Men's Wear: Exclusive collection of men's wear includes Knit Shirts, Woven Shirts, Shorts, Sportswear, T-Shirts, Sweaters & Jackets, and Woven Bottoms.

Women's Wear: Extensive range of active wear, golf, knitted tops, bottoms & jackets. Woven co-ordinated groups covering casual wear, embroideries & prints.

Children's wear: Fashionable range of junior's clothing in an affordable range & an exclusive collection of fashionable kids wear.
Shawl is a kind of wrap made from light woolen fabric and worn by females. It comes in a size of around 1 mtr width to 2 mtrs length. Shawl is worn on the upper part of body, to cover shoulders and chest. Kullu shawls come in many different traditional patterns. Variety of wool is used to make Kullu shawls. Yarn comes from Pashmina wool, Angora wool, Marino wool, local sheep wool.
Stole is similar to a shawl but the size is small as compared to a shawl. There is not much difference in length but width is much less than a shawl. Design patterns and wool used are same as shawls.
It's a round cap made with woolen cloth. These caps are famous for their unique borders with different design patterns. These borders are woven separately and then stitched to the caps.
Neck ties are made from woven woollen fabric. The designs are typical Kullu borders available in various colors.
Tweed Meterage is woven from local gaddi wool. It is available in various weaves and colors. The fabric after weaving is machine milled to give it the requisite thickness and feel. SHIRT METERAGE This fine fabric is made of Merino wool. In order to prevent it from further shrinkage it is milled after weaving
Woollen Socks are knitted from wool/ cashmelon and they have typical designs along the top of the foot.
Pullans are hemp grass slippers worn by rural women in kitchens and places of worship where leather shoes are not allowed. Upper portion of the pullans is patterned with designs and crochet from colorful threads.
Woollen Bags are perfect for shopping which are made from  wool/ cashmelon and they have typical designs
We recognize that a strong logistics infrastructure is critical to success in today's global marketplace, and that without it sourcing expertise is incomplete. We have cultivated logistics leaders and specialists with extraordinary talent to ensure we deliver superior quality with uninterrupted service at maximum speed to achieve on time reliability. It's what we do every day, with every shipment, for every customer.

Our full-service logistics operation is focused on delivering flexible and scalable supply chain solutions that go beyond basic transportation, warehousing and distribution. We stay engaged at the forefront of insight and innovation, and continually work to streamline global logistics practices that benefit our customers. Proven experience in customs and country of origin requirements assures our customers that we will help identify and avoid any global trade compliance issues before they escalate – which means smooth sailing and faster arrival of products to their destinations.
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